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Supporting abundance With a rigorous process

We believe that more important than wealth is the feeling of abundance – the rooted feeling that you have enough money or will have enough money in your lifetime. After all, what’s the purpose of wealth without it?

Knowing what you own, why you own it and what you can count on can be essential attributes of abundance, and they are core principles of Conscious Wealth® Management.

At The Hatton Group, we believe in transparency of investments. Many investors have no idea what they own, in part because many portfolios are filled with mutual funds and ETFs, and frankly it’s hard to keep track of what is behind those investments. We try to limit the amount of investment products we use and focus on owning investments. We believe this is the best way to invest.

We also believe you should know why you own what you own.

Research and discipline are built into our investment process and rules. The “why” is the rigorous process that goes into our buy-sell decisions.

Our third conviction is that we want you to know what you can count on. Markets will fluctuate. For this reason, we strive to plan, project and strategize for income needs far in advance of needing them.

*Investing involves risk and investors may incur a profit or a loss regardless of strategy selected.