Brandon Hatton
Brandon Hatton, CAP®, CRPC® Senior Vice President, Wealth Management

For Brandon, being a financial advisor goes far beyond simply managing wealth. Instead, it’s about the difference money can make in his clients’ lives and in the world around them.

Brandon’s passion for teaching and learning defined his life from an early age and ignited his drive to become an educator. But it wasn’t until a series of pivotal experiences that he uncovered the opportunity to use that same passion in the financial realm, offering deeply thoughtful and discerning advice to help others use their wealth in order to lead truly impactful, fulfilling lives.

Fueled by an unwavering commitment to cultivate a better world, Brandon moved to Egypt to open a school with four others shortly after graduating from Miami University. After realizing the difference he could make in the lives of his students, he later taught in Lebanon for two years and in Brazil for four years. Along with devoting himself to his role as an educator, he nourished his creativity by working as a photographer as well. Sadly, Brandon’s endeavors came to a halt when his father fell ill and he returned to the States to help him transition to retirement.

Tending to his dad inspired Brandon to reassess his purpose. “I worked with my dad for six months, helping him sell the deli our family had owned for 50 years,” he says. The experience left an indelible mark on Brandon, who was disappointed by the lack of guidance his father had received to facilitate his retirement. Determined to help others facing similar circumstances take charge of their own prosperity, Brandon set his sights on finance, eventually joining one of the traditional Wall Street brokerage houses as a financial advisor and earning his Chartered Retirement Planning CounselorSM designation.

A few years into his career – and deeply dedicated to helping clients lead full, meaningful lives – Brandon began contemplating how to amplify his impact through his work. The answer was to refocus his services with what he now calls Conscious Wealth Management at the center, making it his mission to align clients’ wealth with their purpose. He made his vision a reality by acquiring his Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® designation and partnering with Raymond James – a firm known for its client-first values – in 2018.

Since then, Brandon has applied his inventive problem-solving and background in education to continuously enhance his role as an advisor and enrich the service he provides clients and their families. “I’m still focusing on human rights and world affairs, like I did when I was teaching,” he says. “But I’m doing it within the space of wealth management.” His ultimate goal? Helping clients live the truest expression of themselves.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Brandon resides in Atlanta. In his free time, he enjoys cooking up creative dishes with whatever ingredients he finds in his kitchen. He also counts sailing among his favorite pastimes. “What I like about sailing is that I’m constantly learning something,” he says. “It’s highly process-driven, but also very free-flowing.”