Conscious wealth® management The true potential for your investments: abundance, purpose and impact

The Hatton Group of Raymond James is here to support your pursuit of a full and meaningful life. We’ll partner with you to thoughtfully design a plan for your financial future, following a rigorous process that emphasizes transparency and risk management.

Align your assets

Conscious Wealth® Management is a rigorous approach to investing, family unity and philanthropy that aligns assets with purpose.

When I started out, the value proposition advisors offered to many clients was, “If you give us money to manage, we’ll give you more money.” But managing investments for the sake of returns is only part of the story. Beyond asset allocation, many families desire asset alignment. Conscious Wealth® Management is our response to this need – an approach to investing, family unity and philanthropy that makes investments matter.

Brandon Hatton, CAP®, CRPC® Senior Vice President, Wealth Management
Brandon Hatton

“If wealth management can’t cultivate abundance, purpose and impact, then it’s a commodity.”

Investing involves risk and you may incur a profit or loss regardless of strategy selected.